The Weekly Wrestling Thread Wants Your Attention, Please

Here’s this week’s happenings.

-Cross-over with Impact really hitting of. Appearances by Matt Hardy and Private Party with a match against a returning James Storm and Chris Sabin for no.1 contenders. Oh yeah Jerry Lynn and Tony just full on heel nowadays

-Priscilla Kelly, Anthony Henry, Elayna Black and Lacey Ryan sign to NXT. Saree to arrive soon from Japan
-Undertaker went on Joe Rogan podcast and boy it was lets say it caused some commotion . I’m not honestly going to sit through 2,5 hour of Joe Rogan but the new sites will have you covered most likely

-Taya and Ethan Page finish up at IMPACT, Page’s exit is surrounded in a weird cloud of him hating the way he went out and Impact forcing him to do his karate man shtick according to him. Hard to Kill was solid.

The discussion question for the week is: nothing really, just free ball. Zero inspiration this week.

As usually this thread is open for all wrestling (related) discussion so get to it!