AVoCADo GamesCast #73: The GamesCast Cinematic Universe: The 2020 Year-End GamesCast

Hey folks! It’s finally here! This is the 2020 year-in-review extravaganza. Tune in to hear me, Lovely Bones, SingingBrakeman, and The Kappa talk about 2020’s gaming news and discuss our favourite, least favourite, and most surprising games of the year. We also have community contributions from Zeussical, Lutair, Bresson, 3rdstringhero, LittleMac, and Science is Bad.

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Please note that this episode contains significant spoilers for Kentucky Route Zero from around the 4:10:00 mark to the 4:30:00 mark.

0:10 – Introduction
3:55 – The Game Awards
21:55 – COVID-19 and Console Launches
36:25 – E3’s Cancellation and Gaming Livestreams
50:25 – Mixer’s Shutdown and Twitch’s Woes
1:05:40 – Vtubing
1:08:50 – Harassment, Abuse, and Labour Issues
1:22:40 – Epic vs. Apple and Google
1:34:00 – Microsoft’s Acquisition of ZeniMax
1:45:35 – Cyberpunk 2077 Controversies
2:23:15 – Community Segment: Zeussical
2:25:30 – Community Segment: Science is Bad
2:32:40 – Community Segment: Lutair
2:34:20 – Community Segment: LittleMac
2:41:40 – Community Segment: Bresson
2:44:55 – Community Segment: 3rdstringhero
2:51:15 – Our Favourite Games of 2020
4:11:05 – Least Favourite Games and Disappointments of 2020
4:45:30 – Biggest Surprises of 2020
5:00:55 – Conclusion