Let’s Talk Arrowverse – We’re Back! … Sorta

Hi, I’m Raven Wilder. You may remember me from such Avocado features as This Week In The Arrowverse, where I would review every episode of the Arrowverse TV shows to air in the past week.

You may notice that this post is not This Week In The Arrowverse. That’s because … well, I’ve decided I will no longer be doing my weekly Arrowverse reviews.

Reviewing these shows over the last three years has been a passion project of mine. I’m proud of the work I’ve done, I loved doing it, and I always enjoyed how even the most seemingly inconsequential episode had something worth dissecting.

But as last season drew to its close, I began to take stock of just how many hours I was spending on this project each week. It was a lot. More than I’d realized.

And over the long, Covid-induced hiatus, I began to appreciate how many other things I had time for without this weekly writing assignment. I began to consider other projects I wanted to work on, other tasks that needed doing in my own life. And I looked ahead to this coming season, when six different Arrowverse series will air, totaling nearly a hundred episodes … part of me was excited, because I do love these shows, and love talking about them. But another part came to dread just how much of my life I’d need to devote to reviewing each and every episode.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but in the end, I realized it was time to bring This Week In The Arrowverse to a close.

I want to thank everyone who’s read my little review series. It may have just been my thoughts on some silly, CW superhero shows, but there’s no feeling quite like knowing “You are seen”. And if I was able to give you a little extra joy each Sunday afternoon, then however much time these reviews took to write, not one minute was time wasted.

Thank you, all. It’s been fun.

But, y’know, just because I’m not writing full-length reviews each week, that doesn’t mean I don’t still want to talk about these shows, or to create a space where other Avocadoites can do the same. So for the coming season, I’ll be posting this new feature, Let’s Talk Arrowverse, each Sunday. It may not have as much content as This Week In The Arrowverse, but I hope it can still be a place for us to discuss this little universe of shows.

‘Cause this new season’s gonna have a lot to discuss!

This will be the first season of the Arrowverse to air without founding series Arrow in the mix. It’ll be the final season for both Supergirl and Black Lightning, and the debut season for Superman & Lois. Several potential spinoffs/additions to the ‘verse are in the pilot stage. There’s a guest appearance coming up that I won’t spoil, but that sounds like it’ll be awesome.

And, of course, premiering tonight will be Season 2 of Batwoman, with a new character replacing Kate Kane under the cowl. How do you feel about this casting change? Are you excited to see a new lead? Do you wish they’d simply recast the role of Kate, rather than writing her out? What are your hopes, suspicions, and fears for the season ahead?

Post your thoughts down below, and please, join us here each week to discuss the latest episodes of the Arrowverse.

It’s been one hell of a hiatus, but at last, they are back!

Question of the Week: Without looking it up, how well do you remember where these shows left off last season? (I know I’m expecting some moments of “Oh, right, that was a thing.”)