30 Day Music Challenge Day 15: The Best 2000s Song

Oh, this is a hard decade for me. While it’s one where I had access to XM Radio (pre-merger) which meant constant music available across lots of commercial-free channels, I also had young kids. Which meant I was spending more of my time getting them to listen to stuff from the 60s and 80s that were a bit tamer and just trying to showcase a different range of things. And, of course, early on I was listening to a lot of actual kids music. So I’m going to run this two different ways, though we tend to leave this really open to interpretation so y’all talk about the songs that moved and grooved you for the decade.

The “general audiences” song that really hit a sweet spot for me is the 2009 release of I Gotta Feeling from Black Eyed Peas. While this saw a lot more use in the next few years with videos people made for YouTube, it’s one that just resonated for me in a big way.

The one that I would listen to when I really needed to get primed up, however, was Seven Nation Army from the White Stripes. I’m really hit or miss on a lot of their songs with what works and what doesn’t but when it does work I’m all in with how it feels and moves me.