30 Day Music Challenge Day 14: Your Favorite Film Score

There are so many great film scores out that that picking a favorite is likely ridiculous for most that really get into it, so we’ll make this a lot more open-ended if you want to break them out in different ways (like, by genre or decade or something). I have some that are influential, such as Star Wars and 2001, but the ones that move me come from a specific trilogy of films where the music was key to the story itself, just not in a kind of blunt pop song kind of way.

The Three Colors trilogy from Krzysztof Kieślowski was one of my earliest full-on experiences with “foreign film” that was making a new push into theaters in the early 90s with multiplexes beginning to offer a single screen to such projects. That meant those out in the suburbs would have a bit more access to more than just the big blockbusters. I had gone weird on this one as it was Red that I had seen first and then made my way back to Blue and then White. But the trilogy as a whole is magnificent and engaging on all levels and the score and its use within the film is haunting and fantastic. Zbigniew Preisner blew me away with what he created here, especially in his creation of Van den Budenmayer.

Bonus Question: Is there a score that is just so bad, amateurish, or doesn’t mix with the film itself out there?