30 Day Music Challenge Day 10: The Michael Bolton Question

Everyone’s experience with music is unique in a lot of different ways. I’ve found over the years that when I click with a musician or group, it’s that particular “discovery” that resonates as their best work going forward. If they have a catalog of titles that came before that, it’s really hit or miss whether I like not just the release itself but anything on the release. And then, a couple of years later when a follow-up is released, it’s pretty hit or miss a well since they’re often not trying to recreate what they just did but to move forward creatively, which I’m all for. But that leaves me in that weird position of largely being a single-album release fan for a lot of musicians and just not connecting with their follow-up works.

As the clip goes below, whose entire catalog do you celebrate?

Bonus question: Is there a performer/group where you like just a single song and that’s it, unable to connect with the rest of their work?