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The Replacement Weekend Politics Thread Waits For What’s Next

Welcome to the end of what feels like the end of a year that fit into a week, everyone. Monday was the President of the United States pressuring a state to overturn its election in his favor, Wednesday was the President of the United States inciting a riot in the US Capitol Building, and Friday was the day that I finally got more Twitter followers than Donald J. Trump. What will the weekend bring? We can only hope for the best.

Next Monday, the House will submit articles of impeachment.

But there’s also the rest of the news to cover, such as COVID. The B.1.1.7 lineage of SARS-CoV-2, which is estimated to be 40-70% more infectious than the current dominant strain, has been detected around the globe. Some national disease control organizations are warning that it is on track to become the dominant strain by February/March. Please wear a mask, maintain social distancing, stay home when you can, and get vaccinated when it becomes available to you. I’m sure those who know better than me can clarify what we’re facing, but the US continues to break each previous day’s record in turn on deaths, so every single bit helps.

Sriwijaya Air Flight SJ182 has disappeared over the Pacific north of Jakarta, assumed crashed after debris were found and readouts indicated it suddenly dropped to 250ft.

The three-year boycott of Qatar by Saudi Arabia and its other allies has come to an end. At one point, Saudi Arabia proposed digging a canal to literally cut Qatar off from the Arab Peninsula, relations were so bad. Qatar has agreed to drop many of its international legal claims and enter into a non-aggression pact, and in turn the Saudis have agreed to drop demands that would’ve turned Qatar into a virtual client state.

Uganda Presidential candidate Bobi Wine was dragged out of an online press conference in which he was petitioning the international criminal court to investigate the country by state police. Wine, a popular singer in the country, said he will continue to challenge the 76 year old incumbent, Yoweri Museveni, who has ruled Uganda since 1986 and is widely considered a dictator. Wine has been arrested multiple times since announcing his campaign, and scores of his supporters have been killed by state forces.

The world is in a rough place right now, so it’s more incumbent than ever that we be good to each other, especially here in the PT. Among those things, that means closely adhering to Disqus TOS so we can keep our special free premium Disqus, which include the Mayor McSquirrel Rule: Do not threaten the lives of anyone, no matter how angry you get. Similarly, while names aren’t against the rules, do not share personal information (e.g. emails, addresses, telephone numbers) about the insurrectionists, even if you find them on other sites. Some of the videos from Wednesday are quite violent or show people being injured, please add a content warning so people know what they’re getting into.

No HogPoggling will be tolerated.

Can I just say this is my first ever PT authored? No, I’m sorry, there isn’t time.

Take it easy, PT. You deserve it.