30 Day Music Challenge Day 9: The Best Multiple Disc Release

One area that’s still fairly uncommon overall, especially from larger creatives, are the multi-disc/tape/album releases. I still remember very distinctly my surprise as a youngling when Pink Floyd – The Wall was released as a two-cassette piece. Then I started to become aware of record releases that had a couple included and later there were things that went for two or more pieces within it because there was so much material. You could end up with some gorgeous box sets because of this as well. And these aren’t just re-release compilations or anything but rather fresh and original releases.

Which one just completed did you in at the time and does it hold up after the years? The one that really resonated for me in my post-adolescence youth was the two-volume release from Guns n’ Roses, though only a couple of songs are still memorable from it.

Bonus question: What regular album do you wish had been filled with more material to warrant a second disc just to get more of that particular vibe/period?