Friday Politics Thread: Insurrection

Well, the first week of 2021 has been a doozy, eh? I would like to congratulate the state of Georgia on voting for 2 fine senate candidates and getting rid of 2 criminal ones. And yay, Biden and Harris are official now. These were the good things that happened this week.

And yeah, there was that whole attempted coup, and storming of the Capitol, and who knows, by the time you read this maybe the current occupant of the Oval Office might be gone. So it goes.

Let’s instead focus on a RoRo story. The other day, whilst I was at work, Wifebaby and RoRo were in the kitchen. RoRo had taken Wifebaby’s phone and was pretending to make phone calls while Wifebaby was doing some other work. RoRo is saying “Hi! How are you! Nice!” etc. Wifebaby asks RoRo “who are you talking to”, and RoRo responds “You!” Wifebaby is happy and tries to play along, having a conversation with RoRo, but she never responds correctly. Like Wifebaby will ask “how is your day?” but RoRo will reply “You going to the store!” or “U happy!” or some other non sequitur. So Wifebaby turns around to talk to RoRo directly “Rose, why aren’t you playing with mommy? You never answer my questions!”, and Rose gives her a look like she’s crazy and holds up her hands – in one hand is the phone, and in the other hand is a plastic letter “U”.

“Rose talking to U, mommy!”

So that was our house this week.

I cannot overstress the “do no harm” rule. Do not threaten any person in your posts. They will be deleted. We do not need Disqus shutting us down.

Otherwise, be nice, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Do not engage in Hog Poggle, or whatever that pogging thing is that was also mentioned this week. 12 more days until the end of this error.

Happy Friday!