Comic Book Chat – Reading Goals in 2021

Happy New Year to everyone!

Good Morning and Welcome to Comic Book Chat!

Today’s Discussion – Reading Goals in 2021

Some of my friends have already started their reading goals for the New Year. One wants to read 500 comics by the end of December 2021. Another wants to read 1,000! Some are going to take a deep dive in classic storylines of yesteryear. Maybe you’ll want to try to whittle down your to be read pile.

What are your personal reading goals for the New Year?

Feel free to share what your reading goals of 2020 were and if you were successful in hitting the mark of if you failed spectacularly.

REMINDER – Tomorrow, Friday January 8th, we will be discussing Chapter One of Marvel Comics – The Untold Story for the Comic Book Club.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday and that your New Year is off to a great start.

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