Announcing Comic Book Club – Starts Friday 1/8

Hey all! For those of you interested, we are introducing a new weekly feature that will run on Fridays. Comic Book Club is going to cover Sean Howe’s Marvel Comics: The Untold Story, the definitive text around the history of Marvel and all its key figures. I’ve been hyping this up in the Weekly Comics Thread for some time, but just thought I’d mention it here in case it slipped your radar and you want to hop on board. It’s a great novel that I’d highly recommend if you’re remotely interested in the ins and outs of comics publishing. In addition to physical and digital copies you can find online, there is also an audiobook available on Hoopla.

This will be the focus of each week’s discussion:

  • January 8th – Part I: Creations & Myths (p. 1-108)
  • January 15th – Part II: The Next Generation (p. 109-202)
  • January 22nd – Part III: Trouble Shooter (p. 203-300)
  • January 29th – Part IV: Boom and Bust (p. 301-376)
  • February 5th – Part V: A New Marvel (p. 377-434)

Each week, we will also dive into the comics covered within and discuss other supplementary materials. In terms of the overall state of comics discussion at the Avocado, this will be our weekly rotation:

  • Wednesdays – Weekly Comics Thread
  • Thursdays – Comic Book Chat
  • Fridays – Comic Book Club

Once the book is finished, we’ll see if there’s enough interest in continuing with another one afterwards. Hope to see you all this Friday!