Werewolf 141: The Wonderful Werewolf of Oz! Signups

Where the North Wind meets the South Wind a cyclone forms and lifts you up up up far into the sky. You can see neither forward nor backwards, up nor down, only the mesmerizing constantly swirling gray clouds. How long this goes on you do not know. Time has lost all meaning as you hang motionless in the eye of the cyclone. Eventually you grow tired and fall into a deep sleep. And you dream. You dream of a sun-baked landscape that features a solitary farmhouse, old and decrepit but kept neat as a pin. You see an old man and woman standing in the front yard, hands shading their eyes as they soundlessly yell. Curiously, you also see what appear to be a Scarecrow, a Tin Woodsman, and a Lion searching about behind the lonely farmhouse. In the distance you see tiny dust clouds forming on the hard-packed dirt road, and presently a large horse-drawn carriage passes by. The carriage is gaily painted with swirls of blue and yellow and green and red. Looking closer you see they’re not just random swirls but ones that form a large eye with a white crystal ball as its pupil. The carriage passes out of view before you can see more. All at once you feel yourself peacefully drifting to the ground, and with a soft plop and a bump your eyes open and you awake from your dream. What greets your open eyes is an idyllic scene crammed with every color you’ve ever known. And a few colors you do not know. Strange birds call and respond. Stranger insects buzz among the tall grass and taller flowers. It’s then that you become aware of others around you dazedly blinking like yourself. Where are you and why, you wonder to yourself. You have no memory of yourself before the cyclone lifted you to this strange and beautiful land. You feel that there may be more to some of your new traveling comrades, but it is just…a feeling. As one you all notice a gleaming gold brick road laid out before you, and as one you get to your feet and are drawn to the glimmering path. Where are you headed? What adventures will you have along the way? What will you find when you get to where there is? Only one way to find out!

Welcome to WW 141: The Wonderful Werewolf of Oz!


Cowardly Lion


Flying Monkeys

Glinda the Good Witch

Horse of a Different Color

Lollipop Guild




Wicked Witch of the West

The Wizard of Oz


At the start of the game there will be:

20 Town

3 Wolves

1 SK

Non-Role Related Item

Ruby Slippers: Each Night these will be given to a player RNG’d from all players, and they will effectively act as a Medic and save that Player from a Night Kill. If certain conditions are met then they will no longer be RNG’d but instead stay with one player, and that player will become a Medic permanently.

This is a pretty standard Werewolf set up with a couple of extras thrown in. 

Rules and Stuff

-Players’ Roles/Powers will be revealed upon death. 

-No direct quotes from your QT without Mod approval.

-Attack arguments not players.

-Minimum three comments per Day, please.

-Do not edit your comments without Mod approval.

-Ties in the Vote Thread will result in RNG between the tied Players.

-Read the header each new Day to keep yourself informed of any changes.

-Be nice to each other and have fun.

jake and I are thrilled to go on this new adventure with all of you <3!


1) April

2) Beelzebot

3) dice

4) dw

5) Goat

6) Ham

7) Hayes

8) Indy

9) Josephus

10) Jude

11) Lamb

12) Louie

14) Lindsay

15) Mac

16) Marlowe

17) Ralph

13) Shini

18) sic

19) Side

20) Strife

21) Tiff

22) Video

23) Wasp



1) moonster