30 Day Music Challenge Day 5: Best 1960s Song

Before we dig into a few other areas, we’re going to work through some of the decades to talk about our favorite song. It’s not always going to be one that might define a decade, but there’s a song from most decades that will just click for us in a lot of different ways. We got our start in the 1950s first but now we’re going into what’s likely going to be a much bigger challenge for people with the 1960s.

One of the things I’ve loved for the past twenty years of being an Sirus/XM subscriber is having the decades channels. I spent a lot of time driving my kids around when they were little and we worked our way across all the decades, introduced them to a lot of music, and talked about a lot of different styles and approaches to music. They may not go back to much of it but it’s very much embedded in them, and it was a great refresher for me. For the 60s, I had a lot more exposure to music here thanks to my mother and her being into a lot of it, being in her twenties in the big city at the time and taking it all in.

The one that resonates for me the most is one without dialogue, almost a perfect song for me in its design, structure, and the way it can be interpreted and used for so many things. And that’s Classical Gas by Mason Williams.

What’s yours?