Marble League Winter Special E1: Ice Dash

The first winter Marble League since 2018 begins today, hosted by the Minty Maniacs*. Participating this year are the Thunderbolts, Balls of Chaos, Hazers, Team Galactic, Oceanics, Snowballs, Orangers, Savage Speeders, Green Ducks, Crazy Cats Eyes, Raspberry Racers, Midnight Wisps, Chocolatiers, Team Momo, and the Pinkies. The first event is the Ice Dash, a downhill sprint on an icy track. This is set up like many sprints with a round system where the top two of four marbles advance.

The Group A race begins and Clementin has a nice lead, but Blue Eye drafts behind them and takes the lead and a new Marble League Record for fastest time. Smoggy follows just behind for a very close second, placing the Orangers, by a hair, down in third, thus not advancing. The Minty Maniacs held third for the first half, but lost it, taking fourth.

During the Group B race, Rezzy take first early and holds it, while Momo fights off Pinky Winky for second. Anarchy takes fourth. Group C’s race has Starry with an early lead, smartly blocking a pass by Swifty, but both of them advance. Wospy and Shore do not. Group D’s top 2 are secured by Snowy and Quacky, but Snowy digs in to try for first, just barely missing the mark. Cocoa and Shock do not advance. In fact Shock finishes dead last overall.

The semifinals begin with Momo taking an early lead. Second is contested between Blue Eye and Snowy. Blue Eye stumbles just a bit but keeps second by a hair. Momo, meanwhile breaks Blue Eye’s time and takes the Marble League record. Snowy and Starry will not advance. At the end, Momo ricocheted back into Starry, but both marbles seem okay.

Semifinals B has Smoggy, Swifty, and Rezzy vying for first, but Smoggy takes a lead. The second place comes down to a photo finish, and Rezzy takes second by a hair. Swifty does not advance and neither does Quacky.

The final race begins and it’s all on the line. Momo is first out of the gate, but Blue Eye makes up for it with a strong push and grabs the gold. Smoggy, following the same strategy that got them through the first round, follows in Blue Eye’s wake, taking the silver. Momo takes the bronze and Rezzy takes fourth.

With fewer events than the standard Marble League, the favorites are quick to make themselves apparent. The Crazy Cats Eyes might be riding the momentum that some of their teammates in Marbula One have built up here, but they have shown themselves to be a force to be reckoned with. Last year’s Marble League champions, the Savage Speeders sit in fifth, well within striking distance, so the top 4 cannot rest easy yet.

Up next is the Snowboard Cross.

Stray Thoughts:

  • Red Number 3’s signature is a 3, Orangin’s is an O, and Jelle has a scribble
  • Edit: I initially thought this was Yellah, but it is Jelle!
  • Speaking of new designs, I’m digging the Pinky’s new colors. Inspired by a certain feline team, perhaps?
  • This finish line proved quite dangerous with some marble rocking around and one good knock between Momo and Starry
  • Blue Eye and Momo might be developing a bit of a rivalry here after Momo took the record and Blue Eye took the gold. Hope these two can push each other to greatness
  • *Note here that the host is not actually confirmed. The Minty Maniacs were torchbearers in the opening ceremony, but Greg does not specify the host or location.