30 Day Music Challenge Day 3: The Best Summertime Song

One of the things that always got me each year is how there really does feel like there’s a song that’s representative of summer, or is just so popular it gets defined as “the” summer song. This goes back years and years and years, though I’ll admit I don’t think 2020 really had one simply because of the nature of things (i.e. I only listen to music in the car, and I’ve not been in my car this year!). It’s naturally something more of a pop song kind of thing because it’s pure top 40, all over the place, and you can’t escape it. What’s your favorite of the summer songs from the days of yore?

And as a bonus, which one do you think hasn’t aged well or you just can’t listen to anymore?

For me, the one that I think just clicked perfectly as an adult was Umbrella. And it introduced me to Marie Digby and her cover of it which lead to her debut release of original material that I fell in love with.