The Weekly Wrestling Thread Remembers Brodie Lee

Here’s this week’s happenings.


-Brodie Lee/Luke Harper/Jon Huber passed away from none covid related lung isses.

-Jim Ross says Vince McMahon paid Shawn Michaels $750,000 per year to sit at home from 1998-2002
-Carlito returning for RAW Legends live on the 4th
-WWE announces Superstar Gaming Series. Where WWE Superstars face off against celebrities

-Danny Hodge, legendary boxer and (freestyle)-wrestler who in the 60s became a 8 time NWA world junior heavyweight champion passed away at 88
-GCW fighting WWE’s over the Collective name. GCW used it for their wrestlemania era shows for a couple years now.

The discussion question for the week is: What is your favorite memory/match/promo of Brodie lee?

As usually this thread is open for all wrestling (related) discussion so get to it!