30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 30: What Gaming Means To You

And with that, we’ve now come to the end of another of our 30 Day Challenges! The Video Game Challenge ends today and we’ve enjoyed wrapping some of these up with the question above, what gaming means to you. I like these to be kind of open-ended pieces for those that participated to talk about what they want with the subject at hand, with how gaming has helped you, influenced your life, introduced you to a significant other or some other passion, or just made for great time with good friends all around.

I always enjoyed gaming as a kid with friends and I had a good run with it when first married as we always gamed together a lot, which lead to some enjoyment with my kids as they grew up. But as time has gone on I’ve not been able to give it the kind of time I used to outside of a particular game or two but for me, gaming holds a lot of great memories across my life. With a new console generation out now and more enjoyment to come, I look forward to seeing and reading what gaming means to you below!