30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 27: Best Videogame Movie

After looking at the anime side of things yesterday, where there are far more game related shows than live-action, we’re looking at the realm of videogame movies today. These… have not had the best of reputations going back to the earliest of adaptations but a bit of luck may be putting Sonic the Hedgehog as the highest grossing film of 2020 and that’s going to mess with people for decades to come.

Adaptations of gams to film, especially in Hollywood, tend to be really problematic in how they do it as often they don’t stick to the source material. But even that can lead to franchises that run for years and bring in hundreds of millions of dollars.

For my choice, I’m going to skirt things just a bit and say that videogame related films can be included as well when they’re a key factor, which is most definitely true for The Last Starfighter. I was always salty that Atari never followed through on producing the game because of their lack of faith in the film. This is still one of my favorite films from this era that’s in the “cult” side.

Bonus question: You know this one – what’s the worst one that was made that you actually enjoy? I’m sure we’ll be sounding off on plenty of bad stuff, but share the bad stuff that you like too.