Jimmy: The Final Four

Brutality. Which is not really in James Stewart’s oeuvre, but there it is.

That’s what happened when TWO front runners got upset by, well, other classic movies. It’s a Cruel Life.

By just 1 vote, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance also shot Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. 2020, amirite?

And by 3 votes, Vertigo, just announced as the Greatest Film of All Time, gets K O’ed by The Philadelphia Story. Conversation in the previous Elite Eight might tell you why. Hey, conversation might continue. I’m neutral. Neither is a favorite.

But some Classic has to go through to the final. Will it be as expected, and Christmas will arrive right on time? Or will it be a surprise underdog? shotgunning it through to the end?

And what are YOUR Top 3 / 5 / 10 / how ever many favorite Jimmy Stewart movies?

Only YOU can decide!