Comic Book Review – The Flash #73 (Feb 1993)

Writer – Mark Waid

Artist – Greg LaRocque

“One Perfect Gift”

I was looking for a Christmas related comic book to review and I was having a hard time finding one until I saw an Instagram post that highlighted this issue.

Wally West and Linda Park are spending Christmas Eve with Jay and Joan Garrick. Wally is bored and listless and starting to annoy both Joan and Linda. Jay saves the day by grabbing Wally and suiting up for a run around town. They spend their evening doing good deeds for the townspeople. Wally saves a woman from getting hit by a car. The woman is hysterically crying and the heroes rush her to a nearby church to comfort her. The woman’s name is Maria and her husband, Joey, is going to rob the night deposit at Boone’s Department Store. Maria is pregnant and starts to go into labor. Jay runs to a hospital and returns with a doctor, a nurse, and medical equipment to help the soon to be mother. Wally volunteers to find Joey before he makes the biggest mistake of his life. Can Wally find Joey in time and will the new father get to see his newborn child or the inside of a prison cell?

Mark Waid presents a Yuletide tale that showcases the father/son bond between Wally and Jay. The men discuss past Christmases and Wally’s budding romance with Linda as they spread goodwill and cheer from one end of town to the other. There is one plot hole about Joey’s turn towards crime that doesn’t make a lot of sense. This is my only gripe in an otherwise solid issue from start to finish. There is an epilogue to the story that features a jaw-dropping moment that will fill you with hope and happiness. It may even make you shed a tear or two. LaRocque always did a great job drawing Wall West and bringing his super speed powers to life. The line art and action sequences seem to spring to life right before your very eyes. I read this issue on my Kindle Fire and I wish I would have read it in Guided View. I might have to re-read it that way again to get the full effect of Wally and Jay’s fast and festive journey.

Flash #73 is currently available via ComiXology for the low price of $1.99. If you are looking for something to read over the holiday break from school or work, it’s worth the money and download. The epilogue to the story made me instantly purchase the next issue. I should read Waid’s Flash run from beginning and I might make that one of my reading goals for 2021.

My rating for this issue is 4.5 sprigs of mistletoe out of 5. An instant holiday classic.

Wishing everyone a magical holiday season and a healthy and Happy New Year!