WW 139 – Office Christmas Party – Day 3

After coming back inside (why did no one make a break for it? Truly we are the architects of our own prisons), the employees separate before the next forced engagement activity. The drunken marsupial is tending to his now-melted candles when he’s cornered by a trio of women in the break room.

“We didn’t appreciate your little stunt,” Jane Fonda tells him.

“Eleanor was a sister, a friend, and most of all, she endorsed our skills on LinkedIn,” Lily Tomlin says.

Dolly Parton, clearly the muscle, slaps her palm with a mallet in a gesture that shows she means business.

The possum cannot get a single belch out before they are upon him.

Drunken Arson Possum (hohodor) is dead. He was a Worker Drone (Townie).

The cast of the 20th highest-grossing comedy film are on their way back to HQ when they are accosted by a young person just out of college.

“Do we know you?” asks Jane.

This may have been the final straw. The intern got them coffee! Picked up their dry cleaning! And these people couldn’t be asked to learn their name. A series of stabbings follows, and the hall grows silent.

9 to 5 (Dicentra) is dead. She was a Manager (Wolf).

As a reward for its hard service, someone slips a slice of fruit cake to the printer from hall B. As it eats the cake (how does it do so? Why must you ask so many questions?), it feels a slight rumbling in its interior. The cake feels…off, and before it can report an error the unit powers down.

The second printer (May) is dead. She was a Worker Drone (Townie).

A small explosion echoes through the halls. Sparkles. Glitter. Silence. The offender walks past a vandalized cube and sees something graffiti-ed on the walls.

“Kitty sez HACK THE PLANET.”

You gather for your forced engagement meeting when another song blasts through the hallways, creeping in under the closed door.


12 Employees – devoted worker drones. No powers but their votes and their items. Win when the scum factions are all dead.

2 Managers – wolves, who have a collective night kill, as well as any item powers they may have gotten. Win when they equal or surpass the number of remaining players and the Intern is also dead.

1 Disgruntled Intern – Serial Killer. Kills one person a night. Wins when it comes down to them and one other person.


  1. Sister Jude Manager

2. Lindsay

3. April

4. Indeed

5. Side Character

6. Goat

7. Hicks

8. Jake

9. Raven

10. May Worker Drone

11. dw Worker Drone

12. hohodor Worker Drone

13. Ralph

14. malthusc

15. Marlowe

16. Emm

17. Cop Worker Drone

18. Sheleeta

19. Louie

20. Dicentra Manager

21. Tiff

Backup: Narrowstrife


Office Catalog – discover the allegiance and item power of one player per night

Groucho Glasses – take an extra vote in the day thread (it appears under the name “Groucho”)

Eggnog – choose one player per night and grant them a speech impediment

Scented Candles – once per game, end the day an hour early

Pink Slips – carry out the wolf kill. Passed on to other wolves upon death.

Post-It Notes – pass a short message to another player’s QT once per night


Twilight is at 8 PM CST on Monday, December 21st.