30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 20: Your Favorite Handheld System & Game

While we broke out the previous console generations to dig into those eras and what we liked with particular consoles and games, we’re not going as deep into the woods with the handheld era. Largely because these were such dominant events for one side for most of it, so we’re just going to make this more open-ended. The handheld era did see competition toward the end but early on you had things like the GB and GBC where they did 118 million units sold compared to Game Gear at 11 million. It was better/worse after that with the Game Boy Advance dominating at 81 million units and the closest competitor was the N-Gage at 3 million units.

The real challenge was the “third” handheld war where the Nintendo DS did 152 million units across its variations while the PS Portable came in at 82 million units. Both were going in very different directions and both were, for awhile, still competing against the Game Boy Advance. 

So, for this challenge, talk up your favorite system or game, best memories, what you’re loving playing today. Share your love of the handheld!