The Friday Politics Thread is the Time for Miracles

Hey Politicadoes. In the immortal words of Hans Gruber, “It’s Christmas, PTheo, it’s the time for miracles!” So let’s hope for some over the next week. Specifically, that Trump will finally shut up. I know we’ve discussed in the past that banning him on Twitter would be a Bad Thing, but now he’s not going to be President anymore, so the window into his thoughts is no longer useful. So that’s the miracle I am hoping for today.

RoRo update: We had the first “real” snow of RoRo’s life on Wed/Thurs. She was at first upset that it was really cold, but she decided in the end she loved it, and stayed outside for 2 hours. She is so into Santa and Reindeer, I am concerned she’s going to have a serious post-holiday come-down.

Next Friday, being Christmas Day, there may be an extra special present for you all, so be sure to log on.

No peaking! No opening before X-mas. No engaging in Hog Poggle. No McSquirrelling. No being nasty, mean, brutish or short. The Muppet Christmas Carol is the only one worth watching. No Ben Garrison, unless he is really sad.

Happy Friday!