The Pits

The Pits: Best of Commenting 2020

We’ve got the same 40 categories returning so just to refresh how this works:

1 – Under each comment topic below, you nominate someone or something for the award.

2 – Upvotes determine the winner. You can upvote as many nominations as you would like.

3 – If you have a link for a particular comment or thread, you are welcome to post it as well.

The categories again are:

  1. Best Discovery – Media you have discovered as a result of The Avocado – The Media and the Person
  2.  Best Avocado Meme
  3.  Best Comment – Funny
  4.  Best Comment – Serious
  5. Favorite Thread That Doesn’t Reoccur Enough
  6. Best username (Not poster, just name)
  7. Best username – Holiday
  8. Best One-off Thread (i.e. not a weekly, recurring feature or daily thread)
  9. Best Life Changing Advice
  10. Best Open Thread Header
  11. Best Long-form Post or Subthread
  12. Best Avocado Regular(ish) Feature
  13. Best Gimmick Account
  14. Best Pet Photo
  15. Best Werewolf Game
  16. Best Rabbit Screening
  17. Best/Worst Comic Strip (Pluggers, Heathcliff, etc.)
  18. Best Use of Gifs/Photoshop
  19. Best Political Comment
  20. Best Review – TV
  21. Best Review – Movie
  22. Best Review – Other
  23. Best Artist/Album Spotlight
  24. The Ack-Ack Memorial Kindest Commenter Award
  25. Rookie of The Year
  26. Commenter You Most Like to See Upvotes From
  27. The Holy Guacamole Lifetime Shitposting Achievement Award – (Most Active Commenter)
  28. Hall of Fame nominations (Who and Why)
  29. Covfefe-vening of the Year: Best PT Meme Spiral
  30. The annual Train Sandwich Award: Best OT Meme Spiral
  31. Best use of The Avocado as a response.
  32. Best Avocado Tournament
  33. Most Memorable Sex Clam
  34. Best Recaptioning of a Cartoon
  35. Best Dad’s Casa Related Writing
  36. Best Original Media/Fiction for the Avocado
  37. Best Recipe
  38. Best Buds
  39. Best Upvote Pandering Scheme
  40. Best New Thread