Marbula One Season 2: Arctic Circle GP Qualifier

We are back with race 6 of this season’s Marbula One, hosted by the Snowballs this week! The track isn’t anything too crazy, a couple curves and turns and a winter theme to go along with the season.

Snowy starts things off as the host going up against Smoggy in Q1, Snowy would finish with a 23.35 second qualifier but is outdone by two tenths of a second by the competition here. Both find themselves quickly passed by Billy of the Green Ducks who takes pole with a strong 22.69 qualifier. The next few batches of qualifiers mostly fail to crack the top spots. Its Clementine that would move themselves into a strong position finishing less than 4 tenths of a second behind Billy while the final Q1 sees Red Eye of the dominant Crazy Cat’s Eyes get into 3rd, just 0.04 seconds behind Clementine.

Q2’s marbles are Billy, Clementine, Red Eye, Smoggy, Shock, Mimo, Wispy, and Snowy. Billy starts off strong but finds them locked in a battle with, and then passed by Clementine while the other half-dozen marbles jockey behind them. Clementine’s lead grows by the end of the first lap of Q2 but Billy and Red Eye are pushing at their heels. Red Eye his some early troubles in the second lap though and falls 3 spots down to 5th, passed by Smoggy and Wispy. But Red Eye shows the reslience we’ve come to see time and again from CCE during this Marbula One and pushes back into 3rd. Falls back again into 5th but turns on the burners in the final stretch to finish in 4th just 0.01 seconds ahead of Wispy to join Clementine, Billy and Smoggy in Q3.

Billy races out ahead of the field in Q3 passing by Clementine in the pole position, Red Eye also gets a good jump out of the gate to take second initially with Smoggy bringing up the rear. By the end of the first laps its Red Eye out in front; followed by Clementine, Billy, and Smoggy. The 90 degree turn in the middle stops the momentum for Red Eye though, allowing Billy and Clementine to catch up and in Billy’s case pull ahead! Its a fight all the way to the finish but Billy holds on to finish in the first spot with Red Eye 0.02 seconds behind. Clementine is third at 0.16 seconds out of first and Smoggy a relatively distant 1.70 seconds out of first.

Join us later today for the Arctic Circle GP!