Comic Book Review – Justice League : Endless Winter #1

Writers – Andy Lanning and Ron Marz

Artists – Howard Porter and Marco Santucci

Stagg Industries is working on excavating the crater where Superman’s Fortress of Solitude once stood when seismic tremors start to rock the area. Superman and the Justice League save the workers from being hurt when the Frost King emerges from the crater. Soon, Gotham City, Metropolis, and other cities around the globe begin to be covered in several inches of snow, as temperatures start to plummet near subzero levels. Only Black Adam knows what is affecting the planet and soon realizes an old adversary has returned for revenge.

When I told my friends that I just read this issue, they wanted to know my thoughts about it. I told them right off the bat that I believe that Final Night had the better premise compared to Endless Winter. In Final Night, a Sun-Eater extinguishes the Sun, plunging the DC Universe into chaos. Superman would start to lose his powers. Superheroes would have to work together to keep throngs of people calm in the face of certain death. Final Night showed the fragile emotional state of heroes during an extinct-level event and made readers sympathetic to the costumed adventurers’ predicament.

I also told my friends that the owner of the Geekadrome pointed something out to me. Recently, DC Comics has had a habit of releasing multiple miniseries at the same time instead of waiting until one finishes and moving onto the next one. Comic book enthusiasts have been reading Dark Nights Death Metal since the summer and will most likely read it until its finished. Endless Winter feels like it was shoehorned into the release schedule at the last minute. I think that Endless Winter will be passed over in favor of other DC miniseries like Batman/Catwoman and Rorschach, which is unfair to the people that put their hard work into it. It also doesn’t help that monthly titles are a part of the Endless Winter event either. People that pull The Flash or Aquaman are going to skip the tie-in issues because it has nothing to do with the current storylines of both series, which leads to these comics being left on the shelf, their final destination inside the dollar bin.

After finishing the first issue, I did think that it was a fun book. It was entertaining enough that I got my money’s worth out of the story. I am curious to see what the history between Black Adam and the Frost King is and how the heroes of the DC Universe are going to put a stop to the Frost King and restore order. I am going to give myself two more issues (Flash #767 and the Endless Winter Superman Special) to decide if I’m going to stick with the crossover or wait until its collected in trade format to finish or abandon ship altogether.

I give Endless Winter #1 a 2.5 out of 5. It’s was pretty average superhero fare. Not bad, not great. I wish it was just a self-contained storyline in Justice League. At the very least, it could have been a Wonder Woman-centric story to get people hyped for Wonder Woman 1984.

Next IssueFlash #767 – “Endless Winter” chapter two! As the world’s heroes rush to stop the freezing conditions running rampant across the globe, the Fastest Man Alive speeds directly into Black Adam. With the planet losing hope, the Flash and Kahndaq’s ruler must find a way to work together, while a story from Black Adam’s past reveals his connection to the threat that now returns to end the world with freezing ice and fearsome frost. In Stores – December 9, 2020.