The Avocado Applauds You!

The Day Thread Appreciates Jaye Tyler & Giftmas (12/7)

For five years now, Jaye Tyler has run Giftmas like a well-oiled machine, no small feat considering we’re basically a pack of wild Internet hyenas. Every year I say something along the lines of, “I hate Christmas, but I love Giftmas!” because it’s true. Giftmas is the best, and Jaye makes it happen. So this Day Thread is a giant THANK YOU to Jaye for gifting us with Giftmas. It’s lovely.

(These pics are pulled from sorting by “Best” from the available Giftmas Day threads. They are not meant to indicate that any one gift is better than another. That Garbage Ape is pretty dope though. He has magnets in his hands!)