Werewolves 138 – Werewolf of Interest Day 1

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2:29 PM ET “I copy the messages exactly as they’re written; I just add the quote marks around them.”

3:27 PM ET “If there are spies, I’m choosing to just ignore that mechanic. It’s too much effort to try and avoid it.”

4:18 PM ET “Ok, but I’m not totally sure I want people to be able to read this…”

011000010110111001100100 011110010110010101110100 01110100011010000110010101111001 011000010111001001100101

011101000110100001100101 011001000110000101111001 011100110111010001100001011100100111010001110011 01101100011010010110101101100101 011000010110111001111001 0110111101110100011010000110010101110010

11:13 AM ET “What do you think we should do?”

11:20 AM ET “At least for the day, nobody is gonna suspect we’re in cahoots.”

1:34 PM ET “Alright then. Let’s get down to business. What’s on the agenda today?”

4:48 PM ET “What matters is…we don’t want to die today. So, the usual.”

6:53 PM ET “I never know what to do on the first day, and there’s a few people I’ve never played with too. I guess just try and do what you’d normally do.”

0110111101101000 01100111011011110110111101100100 01101001011101000010011101110011 011011100110111101110100 01101010011101010111001101110100 0110110101100101

1:42 PM ET “Just remember, we don’t need to clear you, we just need to get someone else killed in your place. Even if everyone thinks you’re suspicious, it doesn’t matter if we manage to get other people killed.”

1:47 PM ET “The wolves are like the technical good guys in this one though, right?”


1:17 PM ET “I hope I’m wrong, but I have a feeling [someone]’s number is up today…”


Today’s number:



  • Records seem to indicate that they debuted in WW 39 – Pnakotic Party
  • Married to fellow Werewolf player Grumproro, who is also in this game
  • Famous among Werewolf players for his memorable RP’s

13 persons of interest (Vanilla Town) – They have no actions except during the day. They win when all Samaritan agents (wolves) and Elias (SK) have been killed. When investigated by Finch, they will read as IRRELEVANT (Town) unless they are targeted for a night kill, in which case they’ll be RELEVANT. When investigated by Jeremy, some of them will read as NON-THREAT while others will read as DEVIANT. Their statuses will change periodically.

5 Assets (Town Roles) – When investigated by Finch, they will read as IRRELEVANT (Town), unless they are involved in a night kill. When investigated by Jeremy, they will appear as THREAT (Roled Town).

  • Finch (Investigator) – Once a night, Finch can see if a person of interest is involved in a violent crime, be they victim or perpetrator. Results will appear as IRRELEVANT (non-involved Town) or RELEVANT (Wolf/SK/Harper/kill target/Vengeful Lover (if applicable)). Finch will get NO RESULT if he is blocked or jailed, but will still get a result even if his target is jailed or blocked. Shares a QT with Reese.
  • Reese (Vigilante) – Once a night, Reese can choose to kill someone. Shares a QT with Finch.
  • Fusco (Jailer) – Once a night, Fusco can choose someone to be kept from performing a night action and from getting killed. They can’t jail the same person on consecutive nights nor jail themselves.
  • Root and Shaw (Vengeful Lovers) – Root and Shaw will share a QT. If one gets killed (day or night), the other will receive a one-shot vig kill, which can be used any night afterwards. If the second lover is daykilled, they may use their vig kill to take effect immediately afterwards. If both lovers die on the same night, they will not receive a vig kill.

4 Samaritan Agents (Wolves) – Samaritan’s objective is to eliminate all threats to their plans. They win when they eliminate all Assets (town roles) and Elias (SK) and have outnumbered town. All these criteria must be met (or inevitable) in order to win. When investigated, they will read as RELEVANT, except Claire (who only reads as RELEVANT when she is targeted).

  • Greer (Head Wolf) – Greer decides who to kill each night. If Greer is jailed, Samaritan’s target will not be killed. If Greer is killed, the decision will pass to Martine, then Jeremy and Claire if necessary—jailer rules apply to each of them if/when this happens.
  • Martine (Wolf Role-Blocker) – Each night, Martine can choose one player to block them from performing a night action. She cannot target the same person two nights in a row.
  • Jeremy (Wolf Investigator) – Once a night, Jeremy can choose a person and see if they are a NON-THREAT (Vanilla Town), a THREAT (Roled Town), or a DEVIANT (Vanilla Town/Harper/SK).
  • Claire (Stealth Wolf) – When investigated by Finch, Claire will read as IRRELEVANT (Town), except in the event that she is a kill target.

2 Independent Roles

  • Harper (Survivor) – Harper does what she must to survive, whether that’s on the Machine’s side or on Samaritan’s side. If Harper is still alive at the end of the game, she will win with the winning side. However, she cannot win with Elias. When investigated by Finch, she will read as RELEVANT, regardless if she is a target or not. When investigated by Jeremy, she will read as DEVIANT.
  • Elias (Serial Killer) – Elias often finds killing to be a waste. But if he has to, he will take out those who stand in his way—no one else needs to die. Elias wins when all the Assets (town roles), Samaritan agents (wolves) and Harper are dead; Elias does not need to kill any Vanilla Town to win. When investigated by Finch, Elias will read as RELEVANT. When investigated by Jeremy, Elias will read as DEVIANT. If Elias dies in the first 2 days, his right hand man Anthony (selected from Vanilla Town) will take his place. However, to avenge his boss’ death, Anthony will win when everyone else is dead.


  1. emmelemm (XXX-XX-0836)
  2. Gramps (XXX-XX-1047)
  3. Hayes (XXX-XX-1242)
  4. raven and rose (XXX-XX-2272)
  5. Cop on the Edge-ish (XXX-XX-0526)
  6. Goat (XXX-XX-0946)
  7. Dramus (XXX-XX-0637)
  8. Lamb Dance (XXX-XX-1552)
  9. Lindsay (XXX-XX-1654)
  10. Malthusc (XXX-XX-1962)
  11. hoho (XXX-XX-1346)
  12. dw (XXX-XX-0739)
  13. Ralph (XXX-XX-2172)
  14. sic humor (XXX-XX-2374)
  15. Lovely Bones (XXX-XX-1856)
  16. Captain Video (XXX-XX-0422)
  17. Mr. Plow (XXX-XX-2067)
  18. Aurora Boreanaz (XXX-XX-0228)
  19. Beelzebot (XXX-XX-0323)
  20. Louie (XXX-XX-1756)
  21. Anewholiday (XXX-XX-0126)
  22. Grumproro (XXX-XX-1147)
  23. Tiff (XXX-XX-2484)
  24. Indy (XXX-XX-1446)


1. Jake


There will be two threads each day where players will vote: the regular vote thread and the number thread.

Number thread:

  • During each day, a number will come up, identifying a player that will be involved in a murder. The other players will vote on whether they believe that player is a VICTIM or PERPETRATOR.
  • The selected player’s alignment is NOT related to whether they are a victim or perpetrator—a wolf can be a victim, a townie can be a perpetrator, or vice versa.
  • The player whose number comes up will be informed in their personal QT which one they are, and therefore can’t vote in that thread (they can still vote in the regular vote thread).
  • If they are guessed correctly, no one will die as a result of the number thread (though they can still be killed in the regular vote thread). However, there are consequences to guessing incorrectly.
  • If the player is the victim and is incorrectly guessed as the perpetrator, they will die at twilight. If they are the perpetrator and are incorrectly guessed as the victim, their actual victim (whom they will select when the day begins) will be killed at twilight.
  • A person’s number may appear more than once, but will not appear on two consecutive days. If their number appears again, they can still be either a victim or perpetrator.
  • A majority in the number thread will not end the day early, nor will it prevent anyone from changing their vote in the number thread prior to twilight–only a majority in the regular vote thread will end the day early.

Ties will be decided by RNG.

Order of night actions: Role-blocking and jailing actions will happen first, followed by investigations and kills, in the order that allows the most actions to occur.

Players are NOT allowed to EDIT COMMENTS, nor can they SCREENSHOT or QUOTE DIRECTLY FROM QT’s. Failure to comply may result in a modkill.

Please be excellent towards each other. Attack arguments, not people. This is just a game, and we are all here to have a good time.


Twilight will be on Sunday, December 6 at 5 PM MST/12 AM GMT.

11:26 AM ET “Oh my, this will be a long day.”