Music Review: “Working On A Train”, by Eulene

The first song from Nashville-based pop artist Eulene’s upcoming self-titled EP, “Working On A Train”, wastes no time in setting its mood, opening with a snippet of “This Old Hammer Killed John Henry”. The John Henry motif is further established with hammer strikes in the percussion, lending the track an interesting industrial electropop feel. The verses are dark and propulsive, introducing a minimal but muscular riff in the bass and strings, before shifting to a brighter and more inspiring tone in the chorus.

While the music makes those tonal switches, the lyrical content remains consistent throughout, with a straightforward message of working hard and never stopping. That’s hardly a new idea, but who listens to the lyrics in a pop song anyway? Besides, Eulene’s vocals ably capture the feel of those musical shifts and help make the whole thing feel cohesive. Overall, it’s a promising track, and I’m excited to hear the rest of the EP.

The Eulene EP will be available on December 11th on GoGoLove Records.