Marbula One Season 2: Tumult Turnpike GP Qualifiers

Marbula One continues with it’s 5th qualifying round. This round is hosted by the Balls of Chaos at the Tumult Turnpike. The Turnpike is unique in its unforgiving 90 degree turns, and its banked turn near the beginning.

Hop starts things off, followed by Wospy. Hop sets the pace with 25.07, but is immediately beaten by Wospy’s 24.18. Tumult has a bad run on their own course, with a very slow second half of the course. Stormy and Yellow also performed notably poorly, but none could beat Azure’s underperformance. On the top end of things, Mallard, Limelime, Bolt, Wospy, Momo, Yellow Eye, Sea, and Prim advance to Q2.

In the second qualifier, Mallard secures his first to the banked turn, but Momo manages a pass during the turn. The hard turns lose Mallard another spot to Limelime. There is more jockeying, but the first lap ends in that order very bunched up. Mallard gets a good jump on Limelime for the second lap, and learns from their mistake on the hard turns, taking first. Momo keeps second, but Prim jumps in to take third over Limelime and Bolt. Bolt secures fourth and moves on to Q3.

Bolt starts Q3 with a bolt, and nabs second, only to lose it after a turn. Momo once again performs a pass on the banked turn to take first, but loses a ton of speed on the hard turn and moves back to third. Bolt takes first, followed by Momo, then Prim at the end of the first lap. Bolt has a good start, but it looks like Momo might be gaining on them until the hard turn, which moves Momo back to fourth. Bolt’s lead is unassailable, but the fight for second continues for the final leg. Momo passes Prim and gets a look past Mallard, but Mallard moves in to block, taking second. Momo takes third and Prim fourth.

The Green Ducks continue to dominate the Qualifiers, having never missed a Q3. Their racing in the GPs themselves, however, has not been quite as impressive. After last week’s race, the Crazy Cats Eyes are still secure taking 6th starting position. Momo’s 3rd is also looking good for them to try to close the gap. The Bumblebees have a bit of a hill to climb starting in 10th, which means the Green Ducks might have a chance to move up to the podium positions after the next race. The Thunderbolts, who shot up 6 places in the last race are really keeping up that momentum with this qualifier performance.

-Azure’s last-minute last place just barely pushed the Savage Speeders into qualifying to race
-My beloved Hazers continue to pull out pretty medium performances. Here’s hoping they can push themselves more to start gaining points
-This is a personal note, but I really don’t like the hard turn on this track. I found the passes on the banked turn to be fun and interesting, but the passes on/after the hard turn just feel like stumbles. We’ll see how it plays out in a full race, but I have a feeling this is going to be the place on the track where hearts are broken
-Speaking of the banked turn, that is by far my favorite part of an otherwise confusing raceway
-This is a day late since I have not quite gotten used to the new schedule