30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 2: Your First Game

We’re getting into our latest challenge here with another look to the past that helps to set some of our foundations in talking about what our first video game was. We all come into this passion and hobby from different times and places, consoles, handhelds, mobile, or arcade games and those each have their own unique elements to it.

Today, we want to go back to the dawn of time and hear about your first game. And this can be a fluid thing, since gaming starts earlier now more than ever, with what you want to consider your first game. Is it one that you still have fond memories of? Do you revisit it every now and then for nostalgia?

while I had played some arcade games as a kid, I still consider my first game to be the first one I owned which was when we got an Atari 2600 and Space Invaders. I can still remember going into Toys R’ Us with my father and him plunking down all that money – so much money back then – for the console and a couple of games. I think we also got Asteroids and Missile Command in that first round. My father had grown up something of a programmer and engineer so he was interested in the mechanics of it all but he never really mastered the games in a way. But he did love that as an adult he was better than me for quite awhile and that lead to a lot of competitions until I finally started to beat him and he stopped playing.

Which is unfortunate because I wanted to keep playing, or find other games to play, but once his son started to win, he lost interest in it completely.