Jeopardy! recap for Tue., Dec. 1

Please welcome today’s contestants:

  • Denise, a stay-at-home mom and volunteer, went through 21 states;
  • T.J.!, an assistant professor of African history, is having fun with his hair; and
  • Ryan, a legal technology professional, paid tribute to his late father with yesterday’s FJ wager. Ryan is a four-day champ with winnings of $104,526.

T.J. took the lead on DD2, then Ryan missed his chance to get it back on DD3, so T.J. led into FJ with $16,200 vs. $8,800 for Ryan and $7,600 for Denise.

DD1 – $600 – SPORTS IDOMS – When you “draw” this in a boxing or fencing bout, you’ve inflicted the initial suffering in the contest (Ryan won the window maximum of $1,000.)

DD2 – $1,200 – OOOH…FIREWORKS! – From Greek words meaning “fire” & “art”, this is the craft of making & shooting off fireworks (T.J. won $2,000 from his score of $7,800 vs. $9,400 for Ryan.)

DD3 – $2,000 – SKIPPER – In a maritime fable Captain Falkenberg endlessly traverses the North Sea in this spectral craft (With one other clue remaining, Ryan lost $5,000 from his total of $13,800 vs. $14,200 for T.J.)

FJ – AVIATORS – Roland Garros, for whom the French Open is named, gained fame with the 460-mile 1st solo flight across this body of water

T.J. and Denise were correct on FJ, with T.J. adding $2,000 to win with $18,200.

Triple Stumper of the day: No one knew the 11-letter term for the finish of a horse race that sounds like something you might do after a nap at your house is homestretch.

TV troubles: No one knew the CBS drama with a late episode called “Reichenbach Falls” is “Elementary”, or the ship of the Northwest Passage expedition that is also the title of an AMC show is “The Terror”.

This day in Trebekistan: “We’ll talk”.

Correct Qs: DD1 – What is first blood? DD2 – What is pyrotechnics? DD3 – What is the Flying Dutchman? FJ – What is the Mediterranean Sea?