WW 137: Agents of W.E.R.E.W.O.L.F. – Day 3

Number One was standing guard on the SHIELD base at night, enjoying the freedom of no parent enforcing a bed time, when he heard a visitor rolling by.

“You? Why, I knew you seemed like an untrustworthy grown up!”

“I guess you were right. But I didn’t really grow up fully until tonight.”

Number One fought bravely, but even with all his skill, the Cavalry was no match for an Inhuman Hydra Soldier.

Sic / Nigel Uno is dead. He was the CAVALRY (Town Jailer)

Mary Proud began to roll in the other direction in her contraption, but stopped when she saw someone in her way.

“Bozo, I’ve got problem rolling over you too. Who the hell are you?”

“I’m all you worst nightmares.”

The unknown figure sent something fly that cracked the windows of Mary’s wheels and went down her throat. Mary convulsed in disgust. 

“Now you’ll be compelled to answer my questions” the figure said. “You went on tonight’s mission, it appears.”

“Yes. The crystals blessed me with the power of sight” Mary was forced to say.

“Who else was there?”

“I only know one for sure, because when the rest of us were done transforming, the smell of cosmic road kill was in the air, and I don’t think Rocket Racoon was there..” 

Hoho / Space Possum is dead. He was an AGENT OF SHIELD (Vanilla Town)

“You saw no one else.”

“Not their faces. All I know is the ground started shaking, rocks started flying, and I got out of there as fast as I could.”

“Well, you’ve been a big help. Have a good death, Mary Proud.”

The figure disappeared, and whatever was inside Mary suddenly burst.

Wasp / Big Wheel is dead. She was an AGENT OF HYDRA (Wolf) and had become the Inhuman the CLAIRVOYANT (Wolf Investigator).



12 9– S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents (Vanilla Town)


2 – Scientific Advisors (Lovers / Doctors)

1 – Hacker (Investigator) 

1 – The Cavalry (Jailer) 


5 3 – Agents of Hydra (Scum Faction)


1 – [REDACTED] (Alternative Alignment) 

1 – [REDACTED] (Alternative Alignment) 

1 – [REDACTED] (Alternative Alignment) 

Inhumans (Separate Count)

1 – The Clairvoyant (Wolf Investigator)




  1. Agent Sister Jude / Colin Robinson
  2. Agent MSD / Rick Justice & Lisa “Frenchie” Fuqua
  3. Agent Owen / The Koenig Brothers 
  4. Agent Louie / Michael Scarn 
  5. Agent Thoughts / Celia Myst
  6. Agent Sic / Nigel Uno AKA Number One The Cavalry (Jailer)
  7. Agent Ralph / Mary Worth  Agent of SHIELD (Vanilla Town)
  8. Agent April / Repair Man Agent of SHIELD (Vanilla Town)
  9. Agent Tiff / Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman 
  10. Agent Hoho / Space Possum Agent of SHIELD (Vanilla Town)
  11. Agent RPC / The Mail Robot
  12. Agent Hols / Fangirl
  13. Agent Indy / Blade
  14. Agent DW / Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man 
  15. Agent Raven / Janice from HR
  16. Agent Josephus / Blessie the Hellcow
  17. Agent Mac / Slick Mickey
  18. Agent Nate the Lesser / Indeterminate Number Of Pugs
  19. Agent Narrowstrife / Kickle Agent of Hydra (Wolf)
  20. Agent SheleetaHam / Sandy the Super Sanitation Engineer
  21. Agent Beelzebot / Peter
  22. Agent Emm / Kitty 
  23. Agent Wasp / Big Wheel AKA Mary Proud Agent of Hydra (Wolf) / Clairvoyant (Wolf Investigator)
  24. Agent MarlowSpade / Gene Rayburn
  25. Agent Dictabird / The Chairman


  1. Side Character
  2. MrPlow 
  3. Malthusc 


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