The Thursday Politics Pardons Some Turkeys

Morning Politocadoes!

Thanksgiving Day is being celebrated in the US and everyone needs to acknowledge what they’re thankful for: a coup being narrowly averted by a handful of judges and politicians momentarily thinking of the rule of law and their country first.

Trump will likely be on his way out on Inauguration Day but that doesn’t mean he won’t wreck up the place on his way out! Steven Mnuchin squirreled away a half billion dollars attempting to prevent future Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen from accessing those funds. Trump is seeking to weaken environmental and worker protections, as well as rule changes that could lead to federal executions of prisoners to once again be done by electrocution or firing squad. Oh, and he’s announced his intentions to pardon disgraced general and Q anon weirdo, Michael Flynn, for all the stuff he’s already pleaded guilty to. This is is just the start, folks. My feeling is that he’ll top it all off with a Christmas resignation and a pardon from an “Acting President” Pence.

Hopefully, anyone celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday will be doing so in a safe and responsible manner. I know that’s a lot to ask America but—


Anyway, I have opted to keep myself away from the rest of my family and the world and not JUST because I’m a recluse but for the sake of everyone I love. Hopefully, it won’t be in vain.

Welcome to Thursday! Please be excellent to each other in the comments. The Mayor McSquirrel Rule remains in effect. As the protests continue, please be safe, dress non-descriptively, avoid wearing contacts if you wear them normally, and keep your phones on you. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, please continue to maintain social distancing measures, wear masks in public areas, and practices sanitation policies as circumstances dictate.