30 Day TV Challenge Day 26: Best Sports Themed Show

While I don’t actively seek out sports-related shows they always end up in my to-watch list in some form over the years. Sometimes it’s a small component such as growing up with high school-aged themed shows and you’d have baseball or football be a part of it. In later years, I really enjoyed Sports Night but that was less about sports itself than the cast as you can imagine, but the games themselves had their moments within the show. With this question, I really struggled between new and established for what works for me. I really, really, loved the recent Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ a whole lot. It just fired on all cylinders and had me laughing out loud a lot.

But the reality is that The League, running for seven seasons, had me laughing over and over again over the years. This was my daily watch during lunch where I’d just rotate through the series while taking a break from things, to disconnect from work and enjoy. With a great cast (with some great Paley Media events over the years on YouTube to check out), this show just clicked for me as a great improv-comedy show that delivered over and over and through repeats years later.

Bonus question: What sport needs its own show to highlight it more?