WW 137: Agents of W.E.R.E.W.O.L.F. Day 2

S.H.I.E.LD. had made progress in their fight against Hydra when they took care of Double Agent Kickle, but they got a reminder the morning that Hydra was not laying down in the form of the diseased body of Agent Mary Worth. Her corpse is found laid against a wall, with the words HAIL HYDRA spray painted on it.

Agent Ralph / Mary Worth is dead. He / she was an AGENT OF SHIELD (Vanilla Town).

“How dare they hurt a sweet old lady” Peter Parker said. “She reminded me of my Aunt May. They’ll pay for this.”

“Trust me Peter, they will,” said the Director.

“Oh don’t worry, I had no strong feelings about any of this,” said Peter.

“No, I was talking to the other Peter. We’re going to need some codenames or this could get confusing.”

“Tell me about it,” said one of the Koenigs.

“At least no one will confuse me with the old lady anymore!” said Mary Proud in Big Wheel.

One of the scientific advisors came up. “Director, I’ve been looking at the autopsy for Agent Worth, and I’m not sure this was just Hydra’s doing. We found something really weird inside her…”

“Unfortunately we don’t have time to deal with that. We’ve got a new threat from Hydra we just info on.”

He leads the team into their high tech conference room and has an image come up on screen.

“These are Terrigenesis Crystals. They are extremely rare, but apparently Hydra is close to tracking some down.”

“Well, I get the appeal of stealing shiny thing, but I’m guessing Hydra wants them for something?” said Selina Kyle.

“Power. The Terrigenesis Crystals can trigger special abilities in those who carry Inhuman genes. Hydra will get more powerful if they get their hands on these. So we’ve got to try to get them first. This is a dangerous mission though. The Crystals could go off and effect whoever tries to retrieve them.”

“Sounds great to me. We could use more people on this team with highly useful abilities like me,” said the Chairman.

“But you only get powers if you have Inhuman genes. No inhuman genes, and it’s a threat to your life. That’s why we have to choose whoever we send on this mission wisely” finished the Director.”

Janice for HR sighed. “I’ll start filling out the paperwork. “



12 11– S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents (Vanilla Town)


2 – Scientific Advisors (Lovers / Doctors)

1 – Hacker (Investigator) 

1 – The Cavalry (Jailer) 


5 4 – Agents of Hydra (Scum Faction)


1 – [REDACTED] (Alternative Alignment) 

1 – [REDACTED] (Alternative Alignment) 

1 – [REDACTED] (Alternative Alignment) 


  1. Agent Sister Jude / Colin Robinson
  2. Agent MSD / Rick Justice & Lisa “Frenchie” Fuqua
  3. Agent Owen / The Koenig Brothers 
  4. Agent Louie / Michael Scarn 
  5. Agent Thoughts / Celia Myst
  6. Agent Sic / Nigel Uno AKA Numer One
  7. Agent Ralph / Mary Worth  Agent of SHIELD / Vanilla Town
  8. Agent April / Repair Man 
  9. Agent Tiff / Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman 
  10. Agent Hoho / Space Possum 
  11. Agent RPC / The Mail Robot
  12. Agent Hols / Fangirl
  13. Agent Indy / Blade
  14. Agent DW / Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man 
  15. Agent Raven / Janice from HR
  16. Agent Josephus / Blessie the Hellcow
  17. Agent Mac / Slick Mickey
  18. Agent Nate the Lesser / Indeterminate Number Of Pugs
  19. Agent Narrowstrife / Kickle Agent of Hydra / Scum
  20. Agent SheleetaHam / Sandy the Super Sanitation Engineer
  21. Agent Beelzebot / Peter
  22. Agent Emm / Kitty 
  23. Agent Wasp / Big Wheel AKA Mary Proud 
  24. Agent MarlowSpade / Gene Rayburn
  25. Agent Dictabird / The Chairman


  1. Side Character
  2. MrPlow 
  3. Malthusc 


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