The Tuesday PT Is Among You

My wife wanted me to write a post about “Sir Burgula”. So in case you were wondering the type of person that sticks around for a dude who is a hummingbird you have your answer. I don’t even fucking know what “Sir Burgula” even means.

Now I have to think of something that’s not completely demented to talk about.

As usual yur birb has been thinking about change and flux. It so happens as well, one of our drippiest senators gave me reason to consider Proverbs from that book some people seem to like. In turn this made me consider the transformative nature of knowledge.

Birbs are above theology and all (other than for being venerated, we love that). Well concepts of ‘above and below’ have a totally different connotation in the birb realm. All I’m saying is I’ve recently had reason to pause on the concept of experiencing wisdom. Which, in this humble birb’s opinion, is how you get it. But anyway, sometimes you get wisdom from flying into a a window and sometimes you get wisdom from staring at a rotting deer’s ass for 4 hours. Some wisdom is experienced quickly. Others, take time.

It should be noted I am inserting this paragraph because my wife thinks otherwise I just sound like a wierdo. I think I can make a point and also be a weirdo, to which she agreed, and said but you’re just being weird here. So I said okay:

My point is I am scared. I am scared for what the future holds and because it is not within my control. I’m scared for the people I care so much for and realize that no matter how many Liam Nielson films I watch I’ll NEVER have his special skills! I’m scared because there are the sayings of the wise, but these also are the sayings of the wise (I got Proverbs). I set my feet right, and I fix my eye. But it is only with heart that I have any courage to take a step.

Mostly my point is if you’re work admin reading this please take this over my other ramshackle statement about the “elf” vs “elve” debate that bared little resemblance to the issue you were so mad about (i.e. me being an utter fuckup again).

What? Yes, I know it’s on!

It is with a heavy heart that I sometimes let the experience of wisdom break down my heart to let me into a greater joy. Other times, …well othertimes I don’t let a damn thing in. And I go on to learn another lesson either way.

It is with gratefulness and even greater uncertainty this lil birb faces the new year. Come what may, I have reasons to be greater than myself.

This yur birb but like all spiky and hummingbirdy and shit

Ugh, all right I’m already super annoyed with this post and think its like a bit fucking much, no? So I’m not going to delete anymore and I’m not going to add anything. I’m just going to…end it. Come what may the love in our heart lives (*internal dialogue: you really are corny, you know that right/ Yes I know that!/ Good.*).

Don’t step on the flowers. Smoke em if you got em.