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A fedrwch chwi siarad Cymraeg, Night Thread? (November 23, 2020)

Printed in 1838, the ‘Welsh Interpreter’ was a guidebook of useful phrases for the English tourist visiting the country and having to deal with the local peasantry.

The Welsh Interpreter

This delightful book was shared by the Welsh Archive on their Twitter account and contains such useful sentences such as:

“Yr ydych wedi pendroni o ran i edrych i lawr” – “You are giddy because you look down.”

“Gofynwch a fedr efe siarad Saes’neg” – “Ask him if he can speak English”

Although you should probably lead with the first to save time and awkwardness, I think.

The Welsh Interpreter

More delights can be found on the Welsh Archive Twitter account!

Have a great night, everyone!