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Late to the Party Signups 2021 1st Half

The idea for the discussion is simple, once a week a volunteer (or volunteers) will do a write up on an older piece of media that they are digesting for the very first time.

So here’s the link to signup for the write ups. Be sure to fill it out completely

Late to the Party

Now for rules:

-It must be the first time you’ve completely watched, listened, read, or played this piece of media. Prior toe tipping will be excused, but none of that “Oh I was 90% done when I last left it off, so now I’m going to finish it off ” crap will be excused.

-Since industry eras come and go at different rates, different mediums will have different latest dates

-For video games, as of right now, no new content released past 2014 will be accepted. Games from 2014 and earlier that are ported on a later date are acceptable as long as it plays the same as the original version (Ex: Okami HD? That’s ok. Yakuza Kiwami 2? That’s not ok).

-For television, as of right now, nothing aired past 2016 will be accepted. You can do episodes, seasons or the entire series.

-For film, comics, books and albums, as of right now, nothing released past 2011 will be accepted

-Be sure to include tags for the proper medium

Anime – Anime
Books – Book Reviews
Comics – Comic Book Reviews, Comics
Games – Game Reviews, Video Games or Tabletop RPGs (depending on circumstance)
Manga – Manga
Movies – Movie Reviews
Music – Music Reviews
Musicals – Musical Reviews
TV – Classic Coverage

-I will not be posting for you. You have to get approved by the mods to post discussions on this site.

-For now, we will be posting at 1PM (Eastern Time Zone) on Mondays.

Aside from that, do what you want. You can write a straight up review, you can write about your experience vs what other people told you, you could make it serious, you could make it as goofy as you want, it can just be a simple discussion you are having with someone else in text format about your thoughts, etc. Just write something. For those that want a word count minimum, personally I’d say at least a page worth would be good. But I ain’t going to enforce it. Write as much or as little as you want.

And if you find out you can’t do it, please for the love of god, give me a heads up so I can find a replacement for you and do it within two weeks so they have time.

For new stuff for this project, I’ll be having a wish list in the comments where commenters can express desire for what they hope is covered this cycle. Please only reply under WISH LIST comment for that. No one is required to cover any of the suggested works.

If there are any questions, reply to my comment “QUESTIONS” below.