The Avocado Celebrates

The 20,013th Post Night Thread (November 21, 2020)

By the noble reckoning of WordPress, The Avocado has created 20,000 threads!


I actually thought this might have been the magic thread but y’all so damn productive we reached and breached this momentous milestone on Friday, and we’re up to 20,013 already.* What an impressive achievement!

*Disclaimer: correct as of the time I went to bed.

It will be a day long remembered

It will be a day long remembered.

We were led from the ruins of The Mothership in the wake of the Kinjapocalypse by a penis-nosed saviour and flourished after dark amongst the Austin Freaks to become this weird, loveable little corner of the internet, with our own keys, credit cards, and friends! Along the way we’ve been joined by other wonderful people from all around the world who have made The Avocado a real community, no matter when you found us or how long you’ve posted, commented, or lurked.

I will!

Thank you to YOU, for making this website such a vibrant, lively, and welcoming place.

Enjoy your night, Avocado. You’ve earned it.