Marbula One Season 2: Honeydome GP Qualifiers

The third race of the second season of Marbula One is hosted by the Bumblebees. The Honeydome begins with some turns, then heads to the Bee Dance, a swirl of turns, then goes into the hexagon-based hive, and then heads to the home stretch.

Yellow sets the pace with a 31.8 second lap, followed by Starry, who is a bit behind. As more times come in, the four who will be eliminated are made clear. Limelime, Wospy, Azure and Hop all have times greater than 32 seconds and will not make it to the race. Meanwhile, Clementin, Mallard, Bumble, Minty Drizzle, Speedy, Shock, Clutter, and Razzy make it to the Q2.

In the second qualifier, Bumble grabs first, with Speedy in second, Mallard in third and Clementine in fourth. The final race looks to be leading to a similar result after Bumble takes the lead, but Speedy makes a last minute pass and nabs pole position. Bumble sits in second, while Mallard and Clementine take third and fourth for the race.

With 0 points, this pole position gives the Savage Speeders their first point. The O’rangers are also in a good position to nab their first points. Minty Maniacs make the qualifier for the first time, sitting at the top of the middle. The current leaders of this years season, Team Momo, just barely qualified and sit in 16th position. Their rivals in second, Crazy Cats Eyes sit in 9th position. The Green Ducks’ third position looks like a good opportunity for them to catch up from third. This next race will certainly shake up some rankings, and we here at the Avocado are excited to see it.