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The Coup Coup Kachoo Friday Politics Thread

Hi Politicadoes! Yesterday, we got to hear from the world’s worst lawyer, and he unleashed a byzantine conspiracy to steal the election from President Dunderhead. It went as well as expected. I’m sure you were dyeing in the aisles. Also, said President is bringing Michigan GOP officials to the White House to try to browbeat them into changing the vote in a state he lost by quite a bit. While at the same time, he is deliberately trying to sabotage as many things as he can to put President-Elect Biden in the worst possible starting place. Just like a giant Sebulba at a pod race. But it seems that finally even Fox’s talking heads are getting annoyed. Last night both Tuckface Carlson and Geraldo made fun of Rudy’s team. And so goes the twilight of the Trump Administration.

Meanwhile, COVID rages on. And it means no one will get to visit RoRo this holiday season, which is very sad, because she is currently at peak cuteness.

Rules and Regulations:

No McSquirrelling real people! (No violent threats, imagery etc)

Be nice!

No Ben Garrison! You had your chance the last 2 weeks.

No Engaging in Hog Poggle

If you’re going to chew gum, you’d better have brought enough for everyone.

Happy Friday!