30 Day TV Challenge Day 20: The Best Family Drama Series

The family drama has been with us for a long time but I remember the first one that really made me understand it, to some degree, was Eight Is Enough when that was on. It dealt with its issues and had some ongoing aspects to it but each week you got to see a family work through problems and the like. In the years since, these have become a whole lot more complicated and expansive and that makes for even greater drama. And tragedy to exploit. This is one of the few genres that I don’t really get into since some of what it serves I get through other shows, but I’m definitely aware of a lot of them as they’re a staple of my mother’s viewing, for example. While she may think of things like A Million Little Things or something, I’ll think of The Waltons since that was my primary experience with them.

What are your favorites?

Bonus Question: Which family would you want to actually be a part of?