30 Day TV Challenge Day 19: The Best Science Fiction Series

With this day we’re going to cheat just a little. With us spending the day yesterday talking about Star Trek series, for today and our discussion of the best science fiction series, we’re going to make it so that Star Trek is not included. Just leave that in its own little separate thing so we can talk about all the other shows out there. Science fiction is far and wide so cast your net and let us know, from shows like Fringe to the latest hot work with The Expanse. What is it that hits that sweet spot that’s topping your list these days of what excites you the most and delivers the best of the best.

I end up with The Expanse myself but I’m going to put that on the backburner this time around and go for one that’s been a favorite for a long time with Farscape. It took some time to get into it back in the day for a lot of reasons, but once I sat down and just watched and started to see the storylines develop, and then engage with the characters, I fell in love and revisit it every couple of years for a solid binge.

Bonus Question: Can broadcast TV (The Big Four) do science fiction properly?