Sports Corner Makes Its Draft Picks

Tonight is the NBA Draft, where the best young college and international players are told who will be employing them for the next four years and where they will have to live. It’s something that is a key part of how the NBA works, but it is inherently unfair to the players. I don’t think we will actually see it go away, but I would love to get rid of it and have a true free market for every player.

Which doesn’t mean I won’t be waiting to see who the Knicks get. Or what teams will be making trades before or during the draft.

And this is wedged between the start of NBA trading season and NBA free agent signings, all in what feels like an ill-advised rush to start the season on December 22 without a bubble. I hope they don’t regret it.


  • It’s also free agent season in baseball, but no one seems to have informed the teams
  • Rick Pitino of all people calls for the NCAA basketball season to be delayed and to have the tournament in May, even as the NCAA itself makes plans for a 68-team bubble in Indianapolis
  • Congrats to Dustin Johnson on his resounding win in The Masters
  • Are the Giants really in play for the NFC East title?

As ever, all sports subjects welcome.