Paul Bearer Day Thread

Paul Bearer (William Moody) gets the spotlight in today’s Day Thread.

Although Brother Love first introduced the WWF Universe to the Undertaker during the 1990 Survivor Series, it was Paul Bearer that would manage the Undertaker and guide the Deadman to the WWF Championship.

Paul Bearer, when feuding with Taker, would help Kane and Mankind in their efforts to destroy the Deadman once and for all.

Paul Bearer would walk to the ring with a gold urn. He would use it as a foreign object when needed. Sometimes he would use the power of the urn to turn back friend and foe alike.

When I went to WrestleMania 28 with a friend of mine, we toured Axxess and took a stroll through the Undertaker’s Graveyard. At the very end, we both got a chance to meet Paul Bearer and get a picture taken with him.

Paul Bearer sadly passed away but his legend will live on forever. You can watch a documentary about the larger than life manager on the WWE Network. The Mortician – the Story of Paul Bearer is streaming now.

OH YESSSSSSS! Have a great Monday everyone!