The Friday Politics Thread Concedes Nothing

Hi Politicadoes! The Friday Politics thread is hereby announcing it is not conceding anything. And in fact, may not even leave when the weekend comes around. But look forward to FPTTV, formerly known as The Food Network, once they start paying for the rights to use our name. The FPTTV will be where the real news is. Specifically about cookies. Yes, the Food Network may sell its name, but most of the programming gets to stay. The Friday PT loves cookies, for one thing.

Anyway, this week was a veritable snoozefest compared to the last few weeks. So I hope everyone enjoyed that. Maybe some day they’ll even call Arizona.

RoRo update: We’re working on getting her appropriate Biden/Harris duds for the Inauguration. Stay Tuned.

Rules and Regulations:

Be empathetic. Love your shitposter as you love yourself

Do not wish harm on any real person (McSquirrel)

Clam’em if you got ’em.

Do not Engage in Hog Poggle

Enjoy your Friday! – this is mandatory.