Holiday Planning

The holidays are sneaking up on us. American Thanksgiving takes place on November 26. The holiday is typically celebrated with a feast shared with family and/or friends. But a pandemic safe, socially distanced holiday party is difficult to plan.

Will you be holding a smaller gathering with your quarantine pod? Binging Netflix alone while eating take-out from cartons? Or planning something over Zoom?

I’d like to throw some sort of movie or gaming party over Zoom for my friends. Zooms-giving? Friends-Zoom-ing? But that raises questions. What’s the best platform to share a movie on? Are games like Quiplash and Cards-Against-Humanity too profane for mixed company? Do you invite all you friends at once, or try to schedule a bunch of little gatherings? What if no one shows up? Or two people show up for an 8 person game and it’s super-awkward?

I decided to put the question out to my fellow Avocadoans. What are your plans for Thanksgiving? What about the December holidays?