WW136 – Oregon Trail – Day 1

Welcome to Independence, Missouri, a town best known for people leaving it. From this spot, many legendary trails have launched: The California Trail, the Santa Fe Trail… Hell, even the Mormons were driven out of this very town by an angry mob! Ain’t that exciting?

Anyhow, I’m MacCrocodile, your wagon master, y’all can call me Mac. I trust everybody has seen the local merchants for your oxen, bullets, and what have you. Now I see you over there, loading up on bullets and nothing else, but let me tell you, if you go hunting everything to death on this trail now… then that’ll be mighty tasty, I reckon. And it’s fun to shoot stuff, I can’t deny that. Carry on.

We’ve got about six months ahead of us, supposing we keep up a moderate pace, so make sure you got yourself a good pair of boots. Get the kind that snakes can’t bite through, if you can.

Now, let’s see, do we have all our wagons here? One two three four… Huh. Seems we’re missing an entire family. Well, that’s not a good way to start a trail. Folks, let this be a lesson, you gotta stick to the trail if you want to get to Oregon. Can’t go getting lost before we even begin.

Nate the Lesser, Sagittariuskim, Side Character, Emmelemm, and Tiff have all died of Dysentery. They’ll be found this afternoon by hotel staff who will have to scrub that room down for days before it’s suitable for human habitation again.

[spoiler title=”Important Rules to Remember”]

  • No editing of comments. For any reason. If you make a typo, or misstate something, make another post to correct it.
  • No quoting from QuickTopic. You may discuss roles and such, but copying and pasting directly from QT is not allowed.
  • Day-phase threads are for the living only. Game-related talk is to end immediately upon twilight, and if you have been eliminated, I ask that you refrain from posting among the living.
  • Have fun. This is a game, and we’re all friends here, but emotions can run high. Try to keep that in mind.


[spoiler title=”Roles”]

Town (wins when all threats to town are eliminated)

  • A Banker from Boston (Detective) – Each night, the Banker will investigate a player, getting a result of “Wolf”, “Not a Wolf” or “No Result”.
  • A Carpenter from Ohio (Jailer) – Each night, the Carpenter will jail someone, preventing them from carrying out night actions, but also shielding them from other players’ night actions.
  • 10 Farmers from Illinois (Vanilla Town) – No special powers.


  • 4 Angels of Death (Wolves) – The wolves share a private QT in which to scheme. Each night, they will select one player to kill. Wolves win when all other players are dead or their win is mathematically guaranteed.
  • Jean Baptiste Trudeau (Serial Killer) – Each night, Mr. Trudeau will select a player to kill. They win when all other players are eliminated.


[spoiler title=”Players”]

  • Adam Farrar
  • Beelzebot
  • Buttersnap
  • Canadave87
  • Captain Video
  • Dramus18
  • forget_it_jake
  • Hoho
  • KiwiLemonTea
  • Lutair
  • MarloweSpade
  • Mr. Plow
  • Narrowstrife
  • Otakunomike
  • SheleetaHam
  • SisterJude
  • Wasp


Sample VT Text

You are a Farmer from Illinois (Vanilla Town). What you lack in specialized skills and resources, you more than make up for in moxie, and what you lack in moxie, you make up for in gumption. Your only power is your vote.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Any questions relating to your role should be asked in your QT.

Day 1 will end at noon Pacific on Friday, November 13.