30 Day TV Challenge Day 12: Favorite Series Finale

One of the best and hardest things to do for a lot of series, especially in this day and age of heavy serialized TV, is to stick the landing on the series finale. For a lot of shows, it really is all about the journey more than the destination, but there are a good number where it has to do a lot of wrap-up when it comes to a close and deliver what the fans are hoping for when it comes to closure. One of the things that has long eased my frustration over the lack of extended use in the Star Trek universe of the Deep Space Nine location and cast is that they were given the best series finale that any of the Trek properties have gotten. It just dealt with everything just right and provided for the perfect emotional notes in which to close things out. So much so that they made a documentary about the ending (well, a lot more than that, but it factors heavily into it) and the show has been heavily rediscovered in the age of streaming and binging to show that Trek was, once again, ahead of the curve when it came to serialized storytelling.

Bonus Question: Which series completely bombed their finale? (well, other than How I Met Your Mother)